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Present lecture cycle

Both courses address students past the B. Sc. level. The topics of each lecture may shift in weight depending on the student interest, for example, when seeking orientation for a thesis project.

The courses may be given in German or English, depending on the audience.

The courses overlap each other in material and scope, because it often is necessary to refresh the student knowledge on key topics of Physics III - Atomic Physics. The students are encouraged to become aware of how various simple concepts of atomic physics (and of Physics I, II) help a long way towards useful estimates of the magnitude of many atomic physics effects.

Both courses intend to explain the background in which to digest textbook information. Technical information and detail that is repeated in ever so many text books (including that of the lecturer) should be read there (alas, literacy is expected). The faculty library has several copies each of the most relevant books. Learning by doing is much more effective than learning by listening (only).

The lectures discuss the context of physics concepts and experiments, working principles of detectors and other equipment, and ongoing activities in the field that are not usually or not yet described in print. The concepts and ideas may be discussed and sketched in cartoon style, rather than by relaying rigorous deductions. Reading the literature about the detail should be easier for the students once they have grasped the gist.

Because of the docent's occasional absences for experiments or conferences abroad, the lectures are often grouped into fewer dates during a given term.

Spectroscopy of atoms and ions / Spektroskopie der Atome und Ionen
Content and goals of learning

Production and study of highly charged ions / Erzeugung und Untersuchung hochgeladener Ionen
Content and goals of learning

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