Elmar Träbert


(Dr. rer. nat., Privatdozent, apl. Prof.)

Attached (more or less tightly) to RUB since the summer semester 1969
Specializing in atomic physics (time-resolved spectroscopy, accelerator-based atomic physics, ion traps) since more than 40 years,
I am presently enjoying guest status at AIRUB, the Astronomy Institute at Ruhr-Universtät Bochum, by courtesy of Prof. Dr. R.-J. Dettmar.

Fields of activity

My regular formal teaching has come to an end.
My most recent lecture cycle
Winter semester 2018/19: Spectroscopy of atoms and ions.

Concept notes on Atomic Lifetime measurements in S II

General interest booklet (in German) on
"Radioaktivität - was man wissen muss"
("Radioactivity - what you have to know"
a generally accessible presentation)
has been published as
KiWi paperback 1245

Interview F. Sluga (fabela iMag) with E.T.
Comments / Kommentare

Academic career experiences

Experiences with the family in the USA

Bochum Dynamitron-Tandem Laboratorium (DTL),
Heavy-ion storage ring TSR at MPI-K Heidelberg,
Electron beam ion trap (EBIT) at Livermore, CA, USA
Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS)
at SLAC Menlo Park, CA, USA

More details on my professional interests and activities

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